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All students will have access to chromebooks in the classroom.  In addition, students will have access to the school's computer lab. Students are required to use their personal district email address and password. Students are encouraged to bring their own headphones with mics to keep at school.

Cyberbullying Parent Resources

  1. FAMILY TIP SHEET Common Sense on Cyberbullying

Online versions of cyberbullying tip sheet to help parents have meaningful conversations with their kids about how to be respectful to others online.

Online cyberbullying tip sheet K-5

Online cyberbullying tip sheet 6-12

  1. Essential Apps

Apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a learning tool, an entertainment system, or a go-to gadget for just about anything you want to know now. This guide makes finding the best apps for the task a total no-brainer.

  1. Parent Blogs

These blogs provide timely articles for parents on the latest in technology. Search by age and/or topic. Sign up for the latest in kids’ media, tech, and news right to your inbox.

  1. Advice Videos

These short video clips provide parents with advice and tips on preventing cyberbullying, digital citizenship, learning with technology, privacy and internet safety, technology addiction, and much more.

  1. Learning with Technology

Learning with technology, whether with an app, a video how-to, or a wiki, opens up a new world of discovery for kids. Learn how to spot the good stuff, find the right products for your kids’ needs, and foster a love of learning. Resources include FAQs, articles, and videos.

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